Nauru vs Reading XL

It’s not official yet but according to reports from BBC in England, it will be an overweight team from Reading taking on Nauru in their first ever competitive game.

Manager Kitsons vision coming to life….

Nauru manager, Dave Kitson, has long been adamant that the legacy we are starting in Nauru is to improve the general health of every local and that football is merely the vehicle in which we deliver said legacy.

The former premier league footballer and Reading legend Kitson is heavily involved in developing initiatives that use football to benefit local communities and/or greater society. The Reading XL team fit the bill perfectly.

The BBC article……

The Nauru project is gaining international interest and has been featured on global news platforms including the latest article from the BBC found below.

Still a long way away from the game…

Nauru Technical Director, Charlie Pomroy, played down the story by saying;

“IF we can get these Reading boys to the island at the same time we’re hosting the training camps and we’ve brought together many more moving parts to make this happen then it will be a truly remarkable achievement and a great game for everyone involved. However we do have a lot of work that needs to be done beforehand and the weeks are flying by far too quickly. We’re, of course, going to be doing everything we can to support and make this happen”.