Inside The Nauru Training Camp

The Nauru Soccer Federation will host a training camp on the island this year as they begin building Nauru’s very own football culture.

Leading that build is the countries Technical Director Charlie Pomroy who will also accompany team manager and ex premier league star Dave Kitson as international football’s newest coaching partnership.

We asked Pomroy what can be expected from the training camp scheduled for later this year.

Charlie, what are the aims of the training camp?

“First and foremost it will be great to get on the island and meet the locals and breath in the culture. In terms of targets as long as we get on the island and can deliver some coaching sessions and introduce football to the island we will consider that a success. We have been developing a blueprint to how we want things to work but we’re more than ready to pivot and adapt if needed”

What can we expect to see in terms of training?

“We want the island too fall in love with football so that will mean a lot of community style sessions open to anyone that wants to participate. From these sessions we can begin to identify the level of ability and any stand out talents that may be there”

When you say community sessions, for those who might not understand what you mean…

“Community based sessions are teaching the basic skills of the game in an enjoyable way. Anyone that has played football started in community sessions. There’s no pressure is all about learning and enjoying the game”

Will you have the final squad selected after the training camp?

“In short. No! The first training camp will give us a base and will be the first brick in the foundations of what we want to build. We know external factors will determine how far we can develop this team so we have you work with what we have on the island”.

So there won’t be any deep tactical work and developing styles of play?

“Our tactical approach will work around building a solid team that fights for each other and is proud to wear the Nauru badge close to their heart. Formations, styles of play and anything else come later once we have the foundations in place”

Finally.. for you personally what’s most exciting about the Nauru project?

“I’ve always been attracted to big challenges and I’ve often throughout my career bitten off more than I can chew. I’m not afraid to fail but I’m also willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and achieve targets. Nauru is all of what I’m talking about and more. Some of the last people on the planet to have never experienced football and it’s my job to show them this game I love. What’s not to be excited about?”