Despite previously falling under the colonial auspices of both Germany and the United Kingdom “soccer” never really took hold within Nauru, with Australian Rules Football instead becoming the dominant “footy” code within the country. This meant that by the 1950’s there was no soccer, or rugby leagues within the country.

Soccer though allegedly made a comeback in the 1960’s as migrants from other islands who had came to work in the phosphate mines formed a 6 team league. Sadly the league and sport in general went the way of the mines and disappeared. After this there is almost no record of any kind of organized football within the country save two representative rather than international matches.

Towards the end of the the 2010’s interest in the sport started to rise again with there briefly being a Nauru Amateur Soccer Association, as well as a Nauru Soccer Association, neither of which managed to organize any matches. In 2020 interest was again brought to the worl stage when a fake Nauru Soccer League was posted online and reported on by many major newspapers, only to be debunked by ourselves.

In 2023 the project was again reborn as the Nauru Soccer Federation (NSF), with members both in and out of the country, all with the shared goal of creating a sustainable soccer environment and legacy in the Republic of Nauru.