New Partnership Agreed

New Partnership

The Nauru Soccer Federation is delighted to announce a new partnership with International Football Consultancy (IFC) as our project gains more momentum.

Deals with clothing giant Giordano and tour giant Young Pioneer Tours have already been announced as well as the recruitment of Technical Director Charlie Pomroy & Ex Premier League legend Dave Kitson as First Team Manager. These deals have shown a real intent from the NSF and the world’s newest international football team is gaining global interest with everyone excited about the next moves.

IFC Co-Founder Russ Gurr stated:

“International Football Consultancy (IFC) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Nauru Soccer Federation (NSF) as their official scouting partner.

IFC will play a vital role in supporting the NSF’s football development initiatives by overseeing scouting and recruitment efforts. This collaboration aims to not only strengthen Nauru’s national teams but also promote healthy living and community engagement through football.

IFC brings a proven track record of success in the Oceania region, with their work receiving recognition from the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). This experience positions IFC perfectly to contribute to this exciting project alongside the NSF”.

What is very clear is that all involved are young, hungry and motivated coupled with the experience of Kitson and NSF CEO Gareth Johnson it’s all beginning to smell like a recipe for success. Technical Director Pomroy seconded this analogy by excitedly saying:

“What’s most exciting about this project is partnerships like this. I’m six months I’ve come across some truly amazing people all of whom are doing interesting things within the football industry and most of whom you might not meet if you were just coaching at a pro club.

I’m delighted to be working with Alastair, Russ and Dan on this project and their knowledge and attention to detail will be crucial to any success we have”.