About the Nauru Soccer Federation

The Republic of Nauru is not only one of the few United Nations member states to not be a member of FIFA, but in fact the only one to have never even played a representative match.

That is though not to say that Nauru is not a sporting nation, with Australian Rules Football “footy” being not only the national sport, but a genuinely huge deal. In fact almost the entire island attends the grand final.

This, and a lack of playing facilities has meant that while soccer is a popular sport for islanders to watch, playing opportunities in schools, or any kind of organized strcture have been few and far between.

Since 2018 the Nauru Amateur Soccer Association was formed, later morphing into the Nauru Soccer Association, only for them to falter due to Covid-19.

We now since relaunched as the Nauru Soccer Federation (NSF), which consists of an international board under the auspices of the Nauru Olympic Committee.

Remit of the Nauru Soccer Federation

 Our remit is extremely simple, but that is not to say that it is easy either! Our aim is to create a grassroots soccer scene within the Republic of Nauru from youth to adults, whilst also working towards creating the first ever Nauru national team.

Initially our goal is to bring over qualified coaches to train a national team and then have them compete in at least one match during 2024, whether 11 a-side, or at futsal.

Following this and subject to ongoing negotiations, we also wish to help create a regional governing body for Pacific nations outside of FIFA, as well as compete in local tournaments.

And after that? Who knows, but like any national we want to join our regional federation, namely the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) and of course one day FIFA.

More important than any of this though is creating a lasting legacy for the male and female youth of Nauru to enjoy the beautiful game.

Follow the site and get in touch to become part of the journey