Nauru Announce Official Kit Maker and Sponsor

UK based kit manufacturer STINGZ have been announced as the official kit manufacturer of the Nauru Soccer Federation, while leading fashion brand Giordano will become the main sponsors of the national team.

The news comes at an excellent time for the Nauru Soccer Federation, with us currently planning a training camp, as well as a first ever international match this summer.

You can read our February update here.

Who are STINGZ? And Giordano?

STINGZ are a leading kit manufacturer from the United Kingdom who are particularly big in the world of rugby kits. They have also helped out with a number of other grass roots football initiates and were recently involved in creating the kit for the Federated States of Micronesia.

They have previously worked with fashion brand Giordano, who are also known for their investments in developing sport. As part of the sponsorship deal Giordano have agreed to provide home and away kits, goalkeeper shirts, training kits, as well as tracksuits and coach shirts among other things. And of course much of this will also be available for sale.

When can I buy the Nauru Soccer Shirt?

As part of the deal for the kits STINGZ are also in the process of designing not just the kits, but also a new Nauru Soccer Federation (NSF) logo. After this is done then not just the kits, but all of the apparel that is made will be available for sale. As to when this will happen we are not sue yet. All we can say is that it will be soon and that we will be doing pre-sales.

And why should you buy a Nauru kit? Because all kit sales will be reinvested into soccer within Nauru, particularly with regards to us sending out a football coach to the country this summer.

You can check out STINGZ Facebook here.