Next Goal Wins 2 – Nauru vs American Samoa

If you are any kind of football fan at all then you would have seen “Next Goal Wins”. This is the story of American Samoa and their pursuit of not just taking part in World Cup qualifying, but also scoring a goal.

This heartwarming tale of the lowest ranked team in FIFA is not only a true story, but the guys are very much still going and in fact have World Cup Qualifiers in Samoa this September/October?

So, what does this have to do with us and where can I see this movie?

Nauru vs American Samoa

We are currently in talks with both the management and the federation of American Samoa about going to the country for some friendly matches as part of a small tournament.

This is very much in the preliminary phases and will involve us raising money to take part win the tournament, but we are not only confident of being able to do this, but also warmly thank our colleagues in American Samoa for reaching out to us and giving us this opportunity.

How can we play international matches?

Quite simply we need to get people involved and to raise money, but unlike other projects in other countries we are not looking to do this as some form of charity, but to raise money for the most part the old fashioned way.

And for this there is currently two main angles, firstly our football shirts, which should be on sale this month, but also through sponsorship, which we have already achieved.

You can read about our kit sponsorship deal here

Another angle though and indeed a place where we have taken some inspiration from American Samoa is with regards to doing our own documentary, something we are in the process of arranging as we speak.

And what can our fans do? Buy our shirts, share our posts and generally just give support. We will also soon be posting in search of volunteers to help with the project, so for now keep your eyes on the ball!