Nauru Announce New Football Crest

The Nauru Soccer Federation (NSF) are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new crest, which will proudly be worn on our national jerseys, as well as featured on all official NSF products and the like.

Yes, we realize this is not yet on our website, but we are currently working on this.

The New Nauru logo

The logo was made in partnership with our official kit provider Stingz, as well as LT Design and our official sponsors Giordano. Over the last few weeks a number of designs have been put forward with the latest getting the OK from President of the NSF Kaz Cain, as well as the rest of the board of directors.

Stings are also currently working on the national team kits for the nation, which we aim to have available for pre-order within a few weeks.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of lots of media coverage for soccer in Nauru which has largely followed on from the announcement of Dave Kitson as our new national manager.

What next for Nauru?

Before the kits come out for pre-sale the Nauru management team have a number of interviews, as well as publications planned to help not only raise the profile of football in Nauru, but also with regards to raising money for the project.

And according to Gareth Johnson, Director of Football Development for Nauru, the new logo would inevitably help “We’d like to formally thank Stingz and everyone else involved for the new crest and logo. We really feel that this will not only help us stand out, but also help with raising funds for the project. Again we are always on the lookout for sponsors, as well as documentary makers who are interested in being part of this amazing project”.

This interested in getting involved can email